The Ministry



Lagos Mega City That is subtainable, Organised, Liveable, Business and Tourism Friendly.


Working towards a sustainable physical planning and Urban Development That Will Provide An Enabling Environment For Socio-Economic Activities Through a Dedicated Workforce.


Within the Agenda of the Present Administration, The ministry is responsible for the Following:

1. Rebuilding Lagos as a Model City State;
2. Pursuit of Physical Planning For Substainable Development
3. Development of Reliable Database For Physical Planning;
4. Providing Enhanced Partnership for Governance


1. Preparation and Review of various development plans
2. Preparation and Monitoring of Development Schemes
3. Regional and Urban Planning.
4. Planning and Approval of Private Estate Developers Scheme
5. Approval of Building Plans
6. Approval of Layouts
7. Development Control and Removal of Illegal Developments
8. Urban Renewal Programmes
9. Master/District Plans for Urban Centers
10. Site Selection for Government and Private Institutions
11. Consultancy Services for Parks and Playgrounds
12. Coastal Zones Management
13. Collaboration with New Towns Development Authority
14. Secretariat of the State Planning Commission
15. Data Bank on Physical Planning


  • Build, sell or trade on Right of Way (ROW) or road setback
  • Renovate without permit
  • Reconstruct burnt building without clearance and approval
  • Build within utilities ROW e.g. PHCN High Tension, Corridor, NNPC Pipeline, Water Pipeline, Gas Pipeline, Drainage Canals, etc
  • Building without building plan approval
  • Commence Petrol Filling Station without
  • planning information / clearance.
  • Building above approved limit, it is illegal.

  • Planning Information
  • Pre-submission Screening
  • Construction Permit and Certification
  • Layout for Excised Villages
  • Re-construction of abondoned buildings
  • Public and Private Estate Layout Development Plan
  • Re-stamping, re-submission and re-validation plan
  • Approval for removal of structures
  • Market development
  • Urban Regeneration
  • Development advisory service