Lagos State Urban Renewal Agency


Lagos State Urban Renewal Agency (LASURA) was established through Edit No. 7 of 1991. It was restructured from Lagos Sate Urban Renewal Board (LASURB) to reposition it vide gazette No. 25 volume 38 of 14th October,2005. Further attempts were made to restructure LASURA in year 2010 through a law to provide for the administration of Physical Planning Development, Urban Regeneration and Building Control.

Prior to 1980, Lagos State was without a comprehensive Master Plan to guide the Physical development in the State.
During the preparation of Lagos State Master Plan of 1980 – 2000, SNC Lavalin, with the assistance of UNDP,carried out comprehensive studies and status of slums with ranking to determine the degree of blight, a total of 42 Slums were identified in Lagos State. To date, over a 100 slums have been identified and still counting.

The Lagos State Urban Renewal Agency (LASURA) is one of the parastatals under the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning And Urban Development. The Agency is saddled with the responsibility of implementing the state policy on urban Renewal and Upgrading of slums (Blighted communities) in the State.


Bequeathing an enduring modern environment at all times
...making life better (renewing Lagos)


To facilitate the process of improving the living conditions, upgrading and empowerment of the communities thereby creating a sustainable environment.


As part of the efforts of the State Government to get rid of slums in the state, it projected a reduction at 5% per annum basis of its slums in the Lagos State Development Plan 2012 – 2025.