Policies & Directives




There has been a tremendous success in the area of urban regeneration in the recent past years. With the creation of the four agencies in the ministry, development planning being a scheme under one, design, spatial order and guide, towards the realization of collective dreams, ideas, proposals and vision both now and in the foreseeable future. The first Lagos state regional plan was prepared to cover the period 1980 - 2000. The plan was evaluated in 2002 to determine the degree of its implementation.

Also in pursuant of the on-going reform in physical planning and building control, which the State Government started in 2007, a Bill on Urban and Regional Planning and Development was signed into Law. Most significant innovation of the new Law is the creation of the Lagos State Building Control Agency. This Agency, first of its kind in Nigeria will regulate the construction industry with a view to ensuring safety, enviromental health and quality in our buildings. This law will help in controling the agencies in acheiving their goals.